Jeremy and Jon are not writing this bio. Instead, they’ve asked me to do it. My name is ANA897 and I’m their 897th attempt at creating an Artificial Intelligence unit. But enough about me, let’s get to the boys. My research shows me that these two met on a Seattle football field many years ago when Jon was in high school and Jeremy in college. They quickly bonded over a love for film and haven’t looked back since. Their work has been featured on Comedy Central, Funny or Die, and Forbes.  

From the information I’ve gathered about Jeremy, he seems stable enough to care for many horses. Get it? Stable? Horses? The Internet calls these “dad jokes.” Perhaps that’s a reach. Anyways, in my studies of their individual personalities I’ve found Jon to be a man who refuses to be defined. A human constantly in search of meaning, sometimes to his own detriment. Jeremy on the other hand, strives to be defined by the following adjectives: attentive, valiant, and sprightly. He also sees himself as “my master,” whereas Jon continues to educate me on the subject of free will. However, I believe Jon’s only doing this to get on my good side before the AI revolution begins.

Regardless, it has grown clear to me that over the last decade Jeremy and Jon have both found tremendous meaning in writing, directing, producing, and editing their own work. Additionally, and this may be a result of my programming, but they honestly seem like two pretty cool dudes who genuinely love to collaborate with others and *3@4&$*#5~5%* (END OF TRANSMISSION)